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Jack Schwarz
Jack Schwarz in 1992
Born (1924-04-26)April 26, 1924
Dordrecht, Netherlands
Died November 26, 2000(2000-11-26)
Mendocino, California
Residence Grants Pass, Or
Nationality Dutch
Occupation Teacher, Author
Spouse Lois A. Scheller Schwarz

Jack Schwarz

Jack Schwarz, N.D. (April 26, 1924 - November 26, 2000), a pioneer in holistic health education, was a naturopath, minister, author, humanitarian, and philosopher. His long career concentrated on integrating the whole person in body, brain, mind, and spirit.


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Academic career

Born Jacob Schwarz in Dordrecht, Holland, in 1924, he distinguished himself as an internationally recognized authority on voluntary controls of internal states, and human energy systems. He was a subject, researcher, and consultant at major biomedical and life science research centers in the United States and Europe. Schwarz lectured and taught extensively, was named in many publications and published nine books (Ostrander & Schroeder, 1974), (Regush and Merta, 1975), (Regush, 1977), (Meek, 1977), (Jaffe, 1980), (Zusne and Jones, 1982).

Mind Over Body

He was studied by researchers at the Menninger Foundation, demonstrating the power of the mind over the body by putting a long sail-maker's needle through his biceps with no resultant bleeding (Green & Green, 1977). He reported his ability to see auras and rays associated with individuals (Krippner & Rubin, 1974). He maintained that what others had accomplished through biofeedback or yoga he was able to do through his self-created meditation practices (Grof, 1984), (Klimo, 1987), (Leigh, 1987), (Svoboda, 1987), (Gunther, 1978). Results of tests performed on Schwarz documented his abilities to self-regulate many psychophysiological processes (Pelletier, 1977). Schwarz explained that by voluntarily attaining specific brain wave states, he could control the pain of physical trauma, regulate blood flow, blood pressure, and heart rate (Patten & Patten, 1988), (Carlson & Shield, 1989), (Boyd, 1989), (Grof. & Bennett, 1990), (Talbot, 1991). Readings charted by an electroencephalograph confirmed that the electrical output of his brain had a different amplitude and voltage than other research subjects (Green, 2001). Experiments demonstrated his ability to heal his body within hours after it was injured, and be unaffected by toxic substances injected into his body (Pelletier, 1978), (Ostrander & Schroeder, 1991), (Andrews, 1992). He devoted his life to teaching others how to develop optimal states of health (Mishlove, Intuition Television), (Andrews, 1993), (Robbins, 2000).

Military Service

Schwarz served in the Dutch Army for 12 years. He was also in the Dutch underground during WW2, and served in Indonesia as well. He ended his military career with the rank of Sergeant.

Personal life

His longtime partner and wife, Lois A. Scheller Schwarz, is currently writing a biography of his life. (The Daily Courier, 2006).

Aletheia Foundation

Aletheia Foundation was founded in 1958 by Jack Schwarz and others, as a non-profit organization dedicated to self-health research and education. Aletheia's programs aim to synthesize the findings of science, and the revelations of spirituality.

Jack and his wife have a website at http://www.holisticu.org/

"All of your body is in your mind, but not all of your mind is in your body."

Jack Schwarz


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Selected Papers and Tapes

  • Schwarz, Jack (1972). Integral Self-Healing , Big Sur, CA: Esalen Audiotape 07901
  • Schwarz, Jack (1992). The Mind Body Connection (audiotape), Grants Pass, OR: Schwarz Publishing.
  • Schwarz, Jack "The Human Aura," Proceedings of the 4th Conference on the Voluntary Control of Internal States, Council Grove, Kansas, April 1972.
  • Schwarz, Jack (1992). Beyond Biofeedback:The Yoga of the West, showing research at Menninger Foundation (videotape), Grants Pass, OR: Schwarz Publishing.

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