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This exercise was first developed by Jack Schwarz in the late 50's to help students reduce stress and for relief of Post Traumatic Stress. It increases Body-Mind harmony and/or Non-REM sleep. Jack based it on the Tibetan Eye Chart. More information on the benefits of this exercise can be found in "How to Master the Art of Personal Health", by Jack Schwarz. Jack Schwarz, in beret at left, taken in 1947
     Clockwise    ---->                 <----   Counterclockwise
  1. Perceptualize a huge disc or sun at slightly above the horizon.

  2. Breathe in the diaphragmatic alpha rhythm, INHALE 8, HOLD IN 8, EXHALE 8 and HOLD OUT 4.

  3. Direct your focus on 11 o'clock, slowly move eyes clockwise around the clock without stopping at the reference hours. Do 3 complete rotations.

  4. Focus straight ahead at the horizon and note changes in feelings, body sensations.

  5. Now direct your focus on 1 o'clock. Slowly move eyes counter clockwise to 12 to 11 -9 -7 -5 -3 and return to 1 o'clock without stopping at reference hours, continuing around counter clockwise at least 10 - 12 times.

  6. Focus again straight ahead at the horizon and note changes in feelings, body sensations, etc.

  7. Repeat as many times as you feel necessary for any inner pacing and perceptualization.

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