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Jack c. 1947

Jack's early life in brief taken from the biography:
-The Man of Tomorrow-

April 26, 1924 Jacob (Jack) Schwarz is born (with the helmet) to Bertus Schwarz and Magalena Stiegelis in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. Has one sister, Neeltje, born June 9, 1920. After Jack's birth, his mother develops tuberculosis.

1924 - 1930 In foster home for a short time because of mother's health. Nel and Jack taken care of by nurse from Salvation Army, Sister Bennington, who teaches them about real love. Finds he can levitate.

1928 Goes to frobel school, kindergarten.

1929 In first play!

1933 Learns that he can heal at age 9 and realizes he sees colors around living objects; the awakening of spiritual values.

1934 Passes tests to enter high school.

1936 Finds Dutch Reformed Church joyless and hypocritical.

1937 Jack decides at 13 to pursue a stage career.

1938 Discovers Catholic Church-is taken by the "presence" at services.

1940 April 9, 1940, quits school and takes first job at C&A Brennerkmeijer, biggest clothing store in Dordrecht as a window dresser.

May 10, 1940 Germans invade Holland.

1940 - 1944 World War II Years

1940 -1950 Attended Textile Engineering School, Dordrecht, Degree T.E.

1941 Finds that he can hypnotize. Becomes aware of mind over body.

1942 Becomes part of the resistance movement, delivers news releases after curfew. Known as "John". Helps to find safe houses for the Jewish population.

1943 March, 1943 becomes a "fakir", using a bed of nails, needles, dancing on swords, and holding live coals plus hypnosis in his performances.

June 5, 1943 Captured and sent to forced labor camp in Hamburg, Germany. When tortured for being in the resistance movement, a spy, Jack has a mystical vision of Christ on the Cross where he realizes that you cannot hate but only love unconditionally. Sees Hitler in a large orchestrated event in Hamburg's main square and begins to recognize that Beethoven's Fifth Symphony is played to announce the Nazi successes. Forced to man fire hoses when Allied planes dropped rings of phosphorus bombs on Hamburg.

Dec. 29, 1943 Returns to Holland and becomes an underground double agent known by a few as K9.

Sept., 1944 Picked up by the Gestapo for spying and sent to Sachsenhaus the prison camp in East Berlin known for brick making and lamp shades made of human skin.

October, 1944 Escapes by digging with 2 other prisoners tunnels out; and walks into the British Polish Army at the border and becomes part of the Royal British Army, sent to Alduchink, Great Britain for training.

May 5, 1945 Returns to Holland as part of the liberating forces officially attached to The First Canadian Lines of Communications stationed in Maastricht and learns English conversation.

August, 1945 War ends. Jack goes from the Royal British Army to the Royal Dutch Signals, located in the Hague, acting as a Motor Transport Officer. Has bad motorcycle accident, compound fracture of the ankle.

1946 - 1948 Sent to Indonesia-Batavia-to fight as a welfare officer (sergeant). Takes his bed of nails, etc. to entertain the troops. Ship goes through Suez Canal and stops at Port Said where Jack meets Ahmad for the first time. Foot does not heal properly and Jack is sent back early to Holland on a hospital ship.
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1948 - 1950 Attends the School for Heilgenees Kunde in Amsterdam and receives a Degree N.D. (naturopath).

August, 1949 Becomes Personnel Manager at Tex Oil Refinery in Pernis

1951 Demobilized with permanent rank of Sergeant. Discovers Ahmad further.

March 28, 1951 Marries Hermina Oostenbroek (divorced 9/8/75). First son born, Feb. 1952, second son, Oct. 1954, third son, Oct. 1956.

1954 Jack becomes a Catholic. Jack, Hermina, little Jack and baby Rob are all baptized at once in the Catholic faith.

1949 - 1957 Many vocations: government employee, personnel manager, fire and safety inspector, retail-sporting goods sales, Fakir Noiro on tour, interior architecture, and antique dealer. Many avocations: actor, teacher, healer, boy scouts.

1954 - 1955 Lives a triple life as Fakir Noiro in evenings, Antique Dealer during day working hours and family man.

March 13, 1957 Immigrates to US with $35 in pocket landing in Hollywood with no job. Begins work in Texaco refinery in Long Beach, CA. Becomes disillusioned with Catholic Church. Then finds retail sales position at Union War Surplus Store, San Pedro, CA. In the evenings works at home refinishing furniture and begins teaching with his demonstrations.

June 8, 1957 Gives first bed of nails, etc., demonstration announced as Prof. Noiro's World Famous Mystic Show.

1957 - 1958 Attends Harbor College studying business law.

March, 1958 A fourth son born, Eric.

August, 1958 Gives first classes in hypnosis.

Sept. 4, 1958 Aletheia Foundation Founded.

1959 Parents arrive from Holland and stay till 1962. Meets Dr. Kurt Fantl and Mrs. Fantl.

1961 - 1963 Starts vital research with the Fantls. First biofeedback work for Jack.

Aug. 19, 1962 First daughter, Charlene is born.

1963 - 1964 Private Practice, Swedish Massage Relaxation Office opened. Opened Massage School

October, 1963 Appeared on Regis Philbin TV Talk Show in San Diego for the first time with bed of nails.

1964 Moves from San Pedro to Upland, leaving retail and dedicates his life to holistic health education and research. Receives in meditation the prophecy to build an Aletheia Holistic University in the Oregon Vortex of Gold Hill, Oregon.

March 2, 1964 Appeared on the Steve Allen Variety Show. Steve Allen made the statement that in 20 years that "many people" would have the same abilities as Jack and then he called Jack "The Man of Tomorrow!"

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