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The Aletheia Holistic Liberal Arts University planned by Jack and Lois Schwarz in the 1970s is the final dream for Aletheia for the near future.

The design by Jack will be in the form of the Tree of Life, giving facilities for a comprehensive "University of Health Sciences". The proposed facilities will include (1) Creative Arts Center, (2) Growth Center, (3) Psycho-Physical Research Center, (4) Mental Therapy Center, (5) Vitality Center, (6) Meditation Center, (7) Akashic Center-Library, (8) Human Understanding Center, and (9) Expression Center. Students will be studying different civiizations holistically starting with the most ancient.
The Planned Aletheia Holistic Liberal Arts University

Holistic (health) education presents an exciting new prospect for dramatically improving national health in a way which is practical and affordable. Educating oneself to be responsible for one's health is the key concept in holistic health, but the education cannot be crisis-oriented. The education process is long-term and must begin with an integrated study of past, present and future daily lifestyles. This makes for more confidence and responsibility -- holistic health.

True "health" in the most complete sense of the word means: a "flourishing condition" of body, mind and spirit. As yet, there is no one place where an individual can go to obtain education that includes the physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual interpretation and discernment of the past, present and future.

The design for the campus that Jack visualized was in the form of the Tree of life -- with the physical studies in the first level, then the mental studies and the highest level the spiritual studies.

The humanities, international studies, social, behavioral, biological and environmental sciences will be emphasized.

"In the ancient world, in countries such as Egypt and Greece, healing the ill was a sacred calling that evoked the most inspired focus of the culture -- its arts, architecture, sciences and priesthood. By contrast, present day traditional medicine is exquisitely mechanical. Should you or I become ill, we know that modern health services will only treat our most obvious symptoms. Yet most of us realize that these symptoms merely signal something pervasive to the entirety of us -- and this may include our families, work, and environment. It is not just a breast, a bone, a liver or a heart that is sick; it is a cry from within the whole person.

Recently many professionals have sought more holistic ways of treating a person, using alternative programs of psychotherapy, of exercise, diet, education, and body work in an interdisciplinary fashion. Holistic health centers are beginning to emerge; yet even most of them offer only a smorgasbord of techniques, a vastly enlarged repertoire for encouraging health, but still very limited."

Gay Luce

It is living with the separateness of the body, mind and spirit which many times causes people to feel that something is missing. Integration of their body, mind and spirit gives the person the ability to KNOW and direction when needed.

This separateness has been carried over into all parts of our society, including education. The Aletheia Holistic Liberal Arts University's mission, through its educational process will provide students the holistic education so needed to assist them in integrating their bodies, mind and spirits, giving them the tools they will need to take their place in the outer world, secure in who they are and where they belong, complete in their own personal power, enabling them to have healthy, happy, and productive lives. In so doing they will affect the world around them in a positive way. When enough people on earth achieve integration of body, mind and spirit, the cycle of separateness that the world is in may one day be no more.

This is all possible, the Impossible Dream.
Join us in making this a reality!

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