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Aletheia Online Training - In the Planning Stage

Holistic Health Education
The harmonious relationship of body, brain, mind and spirit!

The Aletheia Institute offers you the unparalleled knowledge and wisdom left by Jack Schwarz, plus much more. You attend classes at your personal computer, in small groups or working one-on-one with an instructor. Students begin to discuss and share these innovative but old ideas that can change your life for the better.

Our internet courses bring over 40 years of experience in human energy systems and self-regulation to you. Aletheiology – stands for the study of truth and the science and magic of Divine Love Realized.

Future courses at Aletheia Online:

Student Academic Programs
Online Classes
Future Library
Student Services - future
Financial Services - future

Program Offerings:

BC  Courses apply to the basic teachings of Aletheia and open to anyone
IC  Courses required for the graduate internship program. However, anyone can take, singularly, these courses.
AC  Courses required for the graduate professional internship program.
EC  Elective general courses open to everyone.

BC Courses

The Science of Creative Meditation and Non-Attachment
The Science of Breathing
The Science of Autogenics and Brainwaves
The Science of the Human Energy Centers (chakras)
Creative Application of Your Sexual Energies
Psycho-Physical Rehearsal (PPR)
Human Energy Systems
The Science of Massage and Touch
Nutrition and Biotonics

IC Courses

The Spirals of Life
Aletheiology or Super-Teaching
Advanced Human Energy Systems
Advanced Biotonics
Exploring the Paraconscious I

AC Courses

Exploring the Paraconscious II

EC Courses

Introduction to Self-Regulation

As these courses develop online, so will the Aletheia Graduate Internship Program . Please keep in touch.

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