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ALL BASED ON Divine Love Realized

Studies in the Harmonious Relationship between the
Body, Brain, Mind, and Spirit.
Mapping and Mastering the Power of Optimal Health.

Courses at Aletheia have a strong reputation for giving each individual the clarity they seek. It is difficult to narrow course descriptions to specifics. Each student, while interacting with others and themselves at a deep level, is on a solitary journey. This journey can make it a better world through self-discovery, self-awareness and an unfolding ability to give.

The students who attend these workshops come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds. Many are looking for their purpose or mission in life.

Some students are professional health practitioners seeking a deeper understanding of the frontiers of human energy systems. Others come for knowledge to increase their enjoyment and contribution to life by taking more responsibility for their lives. Some have been studying the principles of human energy systems, energy flows and mind/body connections for years. For others, this is their first organized study at the Aletheia Institute.

"You cannot relate to anything
unless you have knowledge of it,
and you cannot know something
unless you can become it."

        --Jack Schwarz


The Power of Mind Over Matter

Spirit Over Mind Over Matter

Creative Meditation

Recommended Reading:
"The Path of Action"

Discovering the Miracle of Life

The Mind: Cosmic Energy

Human Energy Systems

Part 1
--What is Meant by Human Energy Systems and Self-Regulation?
--Human Energy Systems and Self-Regulation

Part II
--How to Perceive the Human Energy
--Emanations—Rays and Human Energy Fields (auras).

Recommended Reading:
"Human Energy Systems"

Holistic Health Training

How to Master the Art of Personal Health

Become Aware of Holistic Health


The Jack and Lois Schwarz Internship Training Program Emphasizing
the Fields of Human Energy Systems and Self Regulation

       For those who wish to make a long-term commitment to self-transformation and service, Aletheia offers a non-residential one to three year Internship Program in Human Energy Systems and Self Regulation or Voluntary Control of Internal States. Jack and Lois Schwarzs' experiences play an integral role in each student's development and ongoing mentoring.

"All of your body is in your mind, but not all of your mind is in your body."
The Aletheia Graduate Study Program specializes in the study of human energy systems, attaining practical skills in physiological self-regulation and voluntary control of internal states. Aletheia's goal is to transform each student through mastery of energies on all levels of consciousness. Aletheia synthesizes the findings of science, opinions of philosophy and psychology and revelations of spirituality and their transformations. The training includes meditational development, personal work, workshops, selected reading, daily journals and outside study. Skills and tools for self-transformation on many different levels of beingness are taught, "Spirit over Mind over Matter."


Lois Schwarz Executive Director — LOIS A SCHELLER SCHWARZ, President and CEO of the Aletheia PsychoPhysical Foundation for the past 48 years, humanitarian, visionary, author, and minister. Lois Schwarz has a background in physiological psychology, training in executive management, and worked with retarded adults before joining Jack Schwarz to help develop Aletheia’s Dream of an Aletheia Holistic Liberal Arts University in 1968. Lois has traveled extensively with Jack and has helped to lead retreats, wokshops and trainings worldwide.
Several Interns from the 1990s will also be assisting in teaching.

For further information, please contact our Program Director, Lois Schwarz, at Aletheia, Grants Pass, Oregon, (541) 471-8584.An interview is required.



with Rev. Lois A Scheller Schwarz
Lois Schwarz offers Private Empowering Health Assessments for individuals, couples, families, and business groups using tools mastered in her 48 years of working with the master Jack Schwarz.

Lois has the ability to assess or establish a profile of your state of being and to give guidance for activating the harmony of your body, brain, mind and spirit.
Cost for one hour telephone assessments: $175

To schedule an Assessment call (541) 471-8584


with Rev. Lois Schwarz
This program was specially developed by Jack Schwarz to include all aspects of your healthful, dynamic expression of energy. Become aware of the tools available to you to carry out your personal mission.
Cost for 3-Hour PHT which includes a self-massage: $350


What is Autogenics Training?

The whole idea of health is to pay far more attention to your internal needs than to the rushing, roaring world around us—to be less driven by outer circumstances than by inner ones. Autogenics, as a self-motivated, practical therapy, improves social and interpersonal relations and reduces stress, fatigue and anxiety. This wonderful technique by Jack Schwarz uses the understanding of brainwaves and breathing for greater awareness of internal necessities. When Autogenics is practiced consistently, over time, it becomes integrated into the body’s automatic response system and allows the practitioner to remain alert, calm and energized even under the most stressful of situations.

Autogenics, a therapy involving a mental and physical approach—mind/body interaction, consists of a series of self-directed mental exercises to regulate the body. Autogenics means self-generating, a brain/mind directed, self-regulatory process promoting and supporting the body’s self-regulation mechanisms, such as homeostatic, recuperative, and self-normalizing functions. It affects the psychological and psychophysiological body processes. Autogenic Feedback Training or Instruction can utilize biofeedback instruments.
Autogenics shifts your mental state from a passive stance—one that allows the outside world a lot of control—to a more inner, self-directed attitude that recognizes the validity of your own inner authority. By doing so, many people report they have increased feelings of self-esteem, worthiness and joy.
Autogenics has been used for preventive and post-treatment of substance abuse for all ages, incontinence, basic learning skills, stress management and pain control.

Autogenics can help you learn and feel how the mind and body work together.

"In an important sense, Autogenics may be the condensation of what we've learned about the consciousness in the twentieth century."
The Book Reader

(For further information contact Aletheia at 541 471-8584 and ask for Lois.)


"Man is coming out of his state of ignorance, the ignorance which made man perceive only from his physical environment and create concepts about this environment, ignoring his relationship with the cosmos, thereby shunning everything which would give him awareness, and thus causing the interfering capacity of the Universal Laws which are not psychological or physiological, but metapsychophysicological—not a defiance of our physical laws, but an expansion of these laws."

Human Energy Systems takes up where modern medicine leaves off and brings us into a whole new dimension of body, brain, mind,spirit healing for health, happiness and harmony. While traditional medicine is based on rational science, energy medicine or healing utilizes an extra dimension of perception and intuition, one that often goes unnoticed.

With progress in modern science, we are becoming more and more aware that the human organism is not just a physical structure made up of molecules, that we are electrochemical and electromagnetic beings made up of energy fields. Our bodies may appear to be solid and opaque, but if we could magnify the cells, molecules, and atoms of which we are composed, we would see that at the most fundamental level we are made up of energy, of electrochemical and electromagnetic activity that is constantly going on in our bodies.
If electricity is the force behind our electromagnetic energy fields, then magnetism is the direction-giving aspect of that force. The magnetic aspect of that force. The magnetic aspect of our energy fields has to do with our functioning in the physical world; for example, it is what keeps us upright.

Jack Schwarz had the ability to perceive the human energy systems of living objects—primal energy. He was able to teach us how to use this energy to heal ourselves in ways that go beyond modern medicine.


A Way of Good Health Using Our Electromagnetic Fields

Human Energy Systems and Self-Regulation along with the Science of Divine Love is at the heart of Jack Schwarz's teachings and the Aletheia Institute. We provide you with the building blocks for optimal health - body/mind/spirit - balance and harmony.
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