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MESSAGE, May 26, 2005
Lois A Schwarz   05/26/2005

Happiness and freedom are a choice you need to make this decision for yourself!

Much has happened in the last months! Every day we are being challenged as to what is truth for us. You may be wondering about the nature of life, the purpose of government, the place of religion, the role of institution, the power of power.

Working on "The Man of Tomorrow" biography, during the war years, I found that Jack was working with these same questions. It was his meditation techniques and self-regulation that enabled him to understnad the struggles tobreathe, to speak, to go on living a world turned upside-down. Being young, he made an advanture out of every situation. That kept the energy going, high voltage.

Jack was always watching authoritarianism especially in terms of Nazism and Fascism. He was concerned whenever he received the smell or feeling of fascism. He questioned the notion that one person can have all the answers. How can they? Authoritarianism has become a thing of the past.

It would be interesting to have Kack's feelings about the direction the new pope will have to take. Jack had become a Catholic when he was first married in the early 50s. He always felt a presence in the cathedrals but then had questioned their truth. How long will the old answers to new questions inspire and give direction? Can an institution give this to individuals? Their truth? Or The Truth?

The biography is almost complete. I am very excited about it. During 1979 I had taped Jack all about his life from birth to 1968 when I first met him. All of this fascinating information will be in the biography. His own words and ways of telling his story have been incorporated into the bio. Sometimes he seems like an adult Harry Potter, Superman, Gandhi or Don Quixote.

Jack wrote: "We have such a life of abundance, particularly of freedom. Up to now, however, it has been lit within us. We can see that we have let go of our need for freedom'from'. There is now an abundance of freedom 'for'. We have the capacity to master this freedom in life. Each of us is endowed with the qualities of a master. We have misunderstood this aspect. The new idea of freedom 'for' does not mean being master over anyone. We have the potential to be master of our own life, to bring it forth into the world. Through self-mastery we develop an empowering rather than overpowering quality."

There is an acceleration of energy taking place. Remember how Jack…

Health, happiness and harmony.

God Bless!

In Love, Light and Peace,
Lois A Scheller Schwarz

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