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MESSAGE, Dec. 8, 2003
Lois A Schwarz   12/08/2003

With the holiday season all around us, now, is the time to plan and dream for the future. Look at your spiritual mission. It's the perfect excuse to set your goals for December 21, 2012 is not that far away. The reality of Divine Love Realizeda time for living in Truth and Compassion is just around the corner for everyone.

More than ever, 2003 has taken us into the multidimensional world that Jack knew so well. The magic and science of Divine Love becomes more visible you can feel it. It's Light. Remember, you can bring light into darkness but not darkness into light.

What are my intentions while standing on the threshold of the New Agethe shift of the ages? There is the need for clear intentions to open the doorway, multi-dimensionally, into the Divine Heart of the Universal Mind. I must focus attention on creativity, peace, beauty and love. The potential of changing the course of history has never been greater.

I am becoming more and more a warrior of the Heartan alchemist for divine love realized. All elements if used with integrity are constructive positive power. I must always come from my Heart, feel and empower. This is how I can transform the frustrated creativity that comes over me at times.

It is said that Egypt was a land of peace from 10,800 to 1600 B.C. Their clear intention was not to do battle. They created a zone of peace and maintained it with great awareness.

Jack always said that life is forgiving and not forgetting. Know how to get but never take. Taking causes negative energy drain. To live in a higher consciousness our energy must be at peak performance coming from the Heart. Everything we manifest needs to be shared. Sometimes it is hard to understand how anyone would take in order to get. Manipulation and control of others is hard to realize unless you know how. War is used to get thingsthrough violence. War does not come from the Heart.

In these difficult times make sure you are getting the proper nutritional help for your immune system. Eat a low glycemic diet, take proper nutritional supplements, drink lots of water, and breath to and from the pelvic area. These are all the basic teachings of Aletheia. If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact me (Lois).

Please consider becoming an Heart Associate at $20.00 or more per month. You can be at the heart of Aletheia's next forty-five years of development serving the New Age. You will receive a Heart Letter with a nutritional tip each month for taking this important step in investing in Aletheia's future. Please act todayall donations are tax-deductible.

On this Holiday Season let us focus on peace, creativity and divine love throughout the universe and let it begin with me. It is exciting. Stay focussed. We can change the world. Revel in much joy and love beyond anything you ever imagined. It is all possible, especially now!

God Bless!

In Love, Light and Peace,
Lois A. Scheller Schwarz

"One needs to be slow to form conviction, but once formed, they must be defended against the heaviest odds."
—Mohandas Gandhi

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