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As we Celebrate Aletheia's 54 Years of service for Humanity, I, like many others, have been inspired by Jack Schwarz. His relentless efforts to improve the lives of others and teach by example DIVINE LOVE is beyond words.

This Anniversary is an opportunity to reflect upon our lives, the year gone by and the one ahead. Ask yourself what have you accomplished and whether you made an impact in the lives of others. September marks the 54th Anniversary of Aletheia and the good Jack has done in his lifetime, and continues, is beyond measure. So what better way to celebrate than by showing him how his divine love and selfless work has inspired people world-wide?

Jack as one of the Beings of Light, had volunteered to embody on Earth in an attempt to help Humanity raise our heads above the human miscreations. (It has been said that "advanced or divine beings" would begin to appear among us, and perform miracles during these tumultuous times.)

Jack Schwarz continues to work tirelessly on the other-side through the Aletheia Foundation to build a better world for all of us. He has never slowed down and continues to teach as an example of Divine Love! His passion and energy is felt throughout the universe.

With the influx of Divine Love Energy felt on June 5-6 during the Venus Transit and on August 11-16th from the Harmonic Convergence on Kauai, Hawaii, Humanity is further on its way to Unity Consciousness. The influx of Light can be felt throughout the world. A cleaning up is taking place as the patriarchal system of the Earth continues to struggle against the shift to Divine Love and Unity Consciousness and the coming Golden Age of Humanity.

As Jack wrote in 1992 in I Know From My Heart, "Do you realize what is happening this year? We are removing the veils: the veils of ignorance, arrogance, and false status. I have walked this path a long time and do not yet see the end of it!"

With Unity Consciousness and Divine Love comes the end of the duality of life and dominance of some over others. Equality of the sexes, classes and races will become prominent. Science will acknowledge the importance of consciousness, the spiritual aspect of life. Life will become more horizontal than vertical, no more ladder climbing. We have the necessary tools for our transformation.

Divine Love for all will only occur when we perceptualize consciously and deliberately in cocreating with the Heavens to birth Divine Love to bless all Life on Earth. When meditating and working with your breathing exercises, listen to your inner guidance and your Heart. Perceptualize the greatest shift of Consciousness to ever occur on Mother Earth. Pay close attention to the opportunities that are presented to you. Make sure to ask for guidance and give gratitude for all the beauty around you. Meditation and proper breathing are the key tools to access higher consciousness. Stay alert and aware.

Watch future dates in 2012: 12:12:12 and December 21, 2012. Now it is up to all of us to magnetize Divine Love into our tangible life experiences through our thoughts, words, actions, and feelings.

Identify your unique gifts and strengths so you can live your dreams. Celebrate your Life! The Divine intent from Jack and the other Light beings sharing's is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire, allowing us to see the bigger picture as wondrous and beautiful but challenging during this time. Begin with grace to utilize your Divine Power now! When we join our hearts and minds together everything is possible; we are invincible.

Remember to practice your autogenics, your breathing, meditate, and rely on your pineal gland for opening up your inner-net of information, increasing your range of wisdom and understanding. And always come from you HEART!

Celebrate with me; let me hear your thoughts and feelings. Thank you for your compassion and support for helping us create a better future. I am certain that, with your support in the years to come, we can build a world where Aletheias dreams of Divine Love can come true. I hope you will stand with us in 2012. Your donation today will help keep us strong in the many battles we face this coming year. All donations are tax-deductible.

God Bless!

In Divine Love and Light,

Rev. Lois A Scheller Schwarz


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