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It has been a tumultuous decade since Jack's transition. In this short span of history, spasms of upheaval and change have swept through every major system in the country: political, military, social, and economic. It is a major turning point, not only for U.S. global domination, but also for the very history and internal stability of the country itself.

It is so exciting as we prepare for the cause of Divine Love to be secured in every person's Heart! That was Jack's message. Now it is up to all of us to magnetize Divine Love into our tangible life experiences through our thoughts, words, actions, and feelings. Take a deep breath and feel your consciousness expanding to take in the bigger picture. In the midst of the chaos, miracles are happening.

Jack was one of the Beings of Light, a very evolved soul, who volunteered to embody on Earth in an attempt to help Humanity raise our heads above the human miscreations. It has been said that "advanced or divine beings" would begin to appear among us, and perform miracles during these tumultuous times. The pain and suffering caused by Humanity's miscreations must be brought to the surface and transmuted back into Light.

The Mayan calendar has come to an end. This means that the universe has attained its highest possible quantum state as of October 28, 2011. Unity Consciousness has been strongly experienced by a certain number of people. It is reported that they experience a flattening of time, an end to time acceleration and a great calmness. The end to the acceleration of time is even experienced as a deceleration and some see the future no longer as a place to get to. We are entering an era where the future is no longer scripted and what happens will be entirely up to the human beings. Evolution is a phenomenon of both a biological and cultural nature that is generated as the universe awakens. We need to be reminded how powerful each of us as individuals are, and how we have more influence on what conditions are around us than we might think and feel.

Jack wrote in 1992 in "I Know From My Heart", "Do you realize what is happening this year? We are removing the veils: the veils of ignorance, arrogance, and false status. I have walked this path a long time and do not yet see the end of it!"

With Unity Consciousness and Divine Love comes the end of the duality of life and dominance of some over others. Equality of the sexes, classes and races will become prominent. Science will acknowledge the importance of consciousness, the spiritual aspect of life. Life will become more horizontal than vertical, no more ladder climbing. We have the necessary tools for our transformation.

2012 will be one of the most dramatic years of all time as unity consciousness transforms human relationships in its direction. Both individual and collective efforts will be required for us to gain a secure sense that the world will make it though. Stay alert and aware.

Neptune enters Pisces in February for the start of a 14-year cycle. This will have spiritual influences on humanity. The path towards the ultimate emancipation of the human race is through the revolutionary power of love. The self-obsessed consciousness that has controlled and manipulated the earth for centuries will finally come to an end.

An excellent opportunity for the integration of unity consciousness is the Venus Transit of 2012, taking place on June 6 in many countries and June 5 in others. The transit lasts for about six hours. A Venus Transit is a passage of the planet Venus across the sun, and to witness this gives a unique feeling of being present to the cosmos. As the British astronomer Edmund Halley said, "A Venus Transit is the most beautiful experience that astronomy can bestow us with." This is a calling for us to transcend dominance, and maybe especially male dominance, everywhere and be supportive of the many movements that today are engaged in this.

Watch the future dates in 2012 also of 12:12:12 and December 21, 2012. Now it is up to all of us to magnetize Divine Love into our tangible life experiences through our thoughts, words, actions, and feelings.

To help you better understand the magnitude of what is happening on Earth at this moment remember to cultivate a calm mood, a keen mind, and a strong immune system, step right outside your door. Time spent in nature with the nature spirits and angels will sharpen the mind and may shore up the immune system. Just five minutes of low-impact outdoor exercise-such as gardening or walking the dog-may significantly boost a persons mood and self-esteem.

Remember to practice your autogenics, your breathing, meditate, and rely on your pineal gland for opening up your inner-net of information, increasing your range of wisdom and understanding. And always come from you HEART!

Thank you for your compassion and support for helping us create a better future. I am certain that, with your support in the years to come, we can build a world where Aletheias dreams of Divine Love can come true. I hope you will stand with us in 2012. Your donation today will help keep us strong in the many battles we face this coming year. All donations are tax-deductible.

God Bless!

In Divine Love and Light,

Rev. Lois A Scheller Schwarz


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