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Lois Schwarz   


"Rejoice, people, this is the time,
To realize your being, to become sublime.
Throughout the world, the truth is revealed,
Through freedom of faith, the earth will be healed.
Freedom for spirit, body, and mind,
Uniting the world and people of all kinds.
The cause, the spirit, the fruit; this Trinity
Gave birth to all, assuring its true Divinity,
Bringing peace on earth with bliss,
Oh, what a time for joy this is.
With open heart and shining bright,
We give our pledge that in God we unite."
Jack Schwarz

We have no excuse any longer. The walls are down; the past is free. In front of you there are a lot of bricks laying around. You can either climb over them or just negate and leave them behind…(but) all you have to do is start using those bricks to build a new world. Do not leave this one behind, but start to act upon it. Find out what your function is no matter how small or large it might seem. It is now indeed one or all and all for one.

Time is being accelerated! Expect the intensity of energy to more than double in 2010 to miraculously transform human consciousness. According to the Mayan Calendar, March 8, 2011 will be the time that we reach unity consciousness, a higher frequency and another dimension.

As the earth continues to go through an intense cleansing process to heal the earth, the higher transformational energies of Divine Love will build in momentum daily releasing non-constructive behavioral patterns. It is time for us to totally empower the powerful beingness that we are in light and divine love. We have the power to love, to heal, and to live joyfully. We have the power to choose between 'my-will" or "Thy-Will". As Jack would say, "Life is for-giving and not for-getting."

You can bring light into darkness, but you cannot bring darkness into light. As the discordant frequencies of energy surface to be transmuted back into light, they often create the illusion that things are getting worse. We often do not see the incredible light that is pushing the negativity to the surface to be healed and transmuted. Focus on the solution and not the problem, mind over matter. Now more than ever you can choose to fulfill your hopes and dreams! Listen to your heart and keep your eye on the bigger picture to create and perceptualize Divine Love and Peace.

Look to 2010 as the opportunity to grow in ways you have not previously considered. Love whatever you give your attention to. This year will provide you the opportunity to envision your highest dreams.

As the cosmic energies affect the acceleration of energy by bombarding you with ever-increasing frequencies and patterns for higher states of consciousness, the need to slow down and make room for them will become apparent. The whole idea of health is to pay far more attention to your internal needs than to the rushing, roaring world around you-to be less driven by outer circumstances than by inner ones.

Autogenics, as a self-motivated, practical therapy, improves social and interpersonal relations and reduces stress, fatigue and anxiety. This wonderful technique by Jack uses the understanding of brainwaves and breathing for greater awareness of internal necessities. When Autogenics is practiced consistently, over time, it becomes integrated into the body's automatic response system and allows the practitioner to remain alert, calm and energized even under the moist stressful of

Autogenics shifts your mental state from a passive stance-one that allows the outside world a lot of control-to a more inner, self-directed attitude that recognizes the validity of your own inner authority. By doing so, many people report they have increased feelings of self-esteem, worthiness and joy.

Remember to practice your breathing, meditate, and rely on your pineal gland for opening up your "inner-net" of information, increasing your range of wisdom and understanding. And always come from your HEART!

In this intense energy shift make sure you are getting the proper nutritional help for your immune system and stem cell production. Please look into the new science of glycobiology(glycoscience.org) for the importance of maintaining holistic health. Eat a low glycemic diet, take proper nutritional supplements, drink lots of water, exercise, meditate, and breathe to and from the pelvic area. These are all the basic teachings of Aletheia that I would be glad to share with you further.

My priorities are to protect, educate, advocate, train, and research for Aletheia. I cannot do this alone. I am filled with hope about all the possibilities for 2010. Your support makes the difference. The opportunity for break through is great, but the challenges and demands are greater than ever-I need your help.

Aletheia and Jack's dream will continue! Thank you so much for helping me create hope for a better future for the world. Please make a tax-deductible donation today and together we will make a difference!

"And who it is that lights the stars,
The planets-Venus, Neptune, Mars.
Who lists the night's strong prison bars,
Lets in the golden day,
be it so always, as it may.

Share the passion of human-kind,
the power of will and mind,
delve to life's inmost realms to find,
their light and Love,
as is always and always in the above."
Jack Schwarz

God Bless!
With Divine Love, Health, Harmony, and Peace,

Rev. Lois A Scheller Schwarz



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