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Lois Schwarz   


As the cosmic energies are pressuring us to come from our Hearts with Divine Love, the importance of perceptualizing a world of peace, love and happiness becomes more dominant, a non-judgmental and for-giving world. Everyday seems to be a test for our Heart energy. The more we extend out versus pulling in (contracting) the easier we can Love in a Divine Way.

When Jack became sick, he said that he was learning the lesson of humility. This was a strong statement! I just ran across an essay titled "Pride and Humility: A New Self-acceptance," By Benedictine Sr. Joan Chittister. Chittister writes, that Benedict of Nursia, the founder of Western monasticism wrote that "he made the keystone of his rule of life a chapter on humility that he wrote for Roman men in a patriarchal culture that valued machismo, power and independence at least as much as our age does. Pride, ancient spirituality says, is the corrosive of the human soul. Humility, the Rule of Benedict says, is an antidote to violence and key to mental health."

She writes further, "that humility confronts a patriarchal society as the major countercultural witness of the age. It endures in the history of spirituality to this day as an antidote to a disorder of the human heart. Humility, the ancient spirituality insisted, requires the ability to learn from others, to be part of the group, and to understand and accept personal limitations. Pride drives a wedge between us and reality; humility is its glue."

Humility requires first and foremost the awareness of God at all times, in all places, at the center of all things. Humility requires that we "love not our own will," that we trust that God's will for me is what is best for me, learn to listen. There is no such thing as absolute authority, mine or anybody else's. There are only multiple authorities in different dimensions of life, to who we owe a privileged hearing. To refuse to recognize someone else's right to help us construct our worlds is to live a very lonely life cut off from the wisdom and care that those around us are required to provide for us. HUMILITY requires growth in internal discipline, running away from the hard moments in life solves nothing. We need help, and seeking it is not a sign of weakness. To bear abuse, injustice and invisibility is not a virtue; it is the sin of passive compliance with evil. If there is no one with whom we are completely truthful in life, we are not truthful at all. It is humility, not pride, that makes us fearless. Once we ourselves have admitted who we are in the secret places of our hearts, who is it that can diminish us? Learn to grasp life lightly, to look for its essentials. Think in terms of circles rather than pyramids. Self-worship is the beginning of cruelty to others. When I see my own limitations, when I see the goodness in others, when humility comes, violence ends. Criticizing has to stop. What we need is reflection. Manifest humility in our bearing no less than in our hearts. Bearing comes from the soul. Presence itself is a message.

After reading this essay, I felt more complete in what Jack meant when he spoke of the lesson of humility. Every day is a new lesson in humility. Jack loved the story of Don Quixote. In fact he looked just like him when he had the goatee in the 70'. Jack was always chasing Windmills, looking for the truth. Like Quixote we all assuredly have our windmills, those giants we must slay in order to make being human a better place to be. It is that same Quixote-like faith in a greater good that still allows us to believe we can conquer world hunger, end war or save the planet. Jack would say, "We must maintain the will to know the truth!"

In this intense energy shift make sure you are guarding your immune system and stem cell production. Please look into the new science of glycobiology(glycoscience.org) for the importance of maintaining holistic health. Put only organic food into your body. Drink lots of water, exercise, meditate, and breathe to and from the pelvic area. These are all the basic health teachings of Aletheia that I would be glad to share with you.

I am filled with excitement for all the good possibilities for this year! The opportunity for growth is great, but the challenges and demands are greater than ever for each of us. Please make a donation today to make sure that the dreams for Aletheia made by Jack Schwarz will continue. God Bless!

In Divine Love, Health and Harmony,

Rev. Lois A Scheller Schwarz


"In awe, I stand in the foothills of the majestic mountain, Overwhelmed by thoughts of the mind's all-knowing fountain. To behold what the Creator with nature has wrought, Fills me with respectful thought.

To know that I, too, in this creation's play, Have a part, every night and every day. In the stillness of the human heart, I will be, For always filled with awe, I will see."


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