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January 2007 Message from Lois
Lois Scheller Schwarz   01/01/2007

Happy New Year! What a exciting time to be living as we approach 2012 you can feel the divine love and energy in your body and heart. At times you may feel over-energized, ungrounded, disoriented, and maybe fearful of these changes. Use this accelerated energy to heal, transmute, clear, and integrate your whole beingbody, brain, mind and spirit.

Since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 and Sept. 11th waves of energy have been triggering the clearing and/or releasing of energy blocks that have prevented us from living from our hearts in peace and harmony. Nothing seems to be exactly as it appears. What or where is the truth or Aletheia(the Greek word for truth)? You create your personal reality according to your knowing interacting with the world reality.

2007 will be more intense than 2006, as we approach December 21, 2012. As Jack would say, "Constructive positive energy creates a resonance that harmonizes with like energy." Seek to transcend conflicts as you flow toward the path of the heart and oneness.

Jack loved to play with words. Often when he was asked why he had immigrated to the US, he would say that the USA was the New Jerusalem. He would break the word Jerusalem into the two words of Jeru and Salem to Jer-USA-alem and say that the USA is the NEW Jerusalem. The USA is the heart! He would also say that thinking is what gets us into trouble. That we need to feel more and that is the heart level and the alpha brainwave. Modern rationalism denies the many dimensions of spiritual consciousness and a more optimistic look on life. The abstract thinking of the left-brain leaves out the intuitive, imagination, and feminine expression of the right-brain.

In 1996 in the introduction to Finding the Jewel in
the Molasses
Jack wrote the Chapter entitled "Denial of Spirit".

How appropriate for today! "What is meant by "denial of spirit"? This cannot be intellectualized it must come from the heart. To think about it is to deny the spirit. Denial means that we view as tragic all of the tremendous transitions and problems occurring in the world, rather than understanding that these are continuous processes of growth in our lives. They are the challenges which show how much spirit we have!

How much are we utilizing spirit rather than seeing the problems as tragedies? We need to begin celebrating spirit as a process state which flows through our lives at all times. When we deny spirit, our blocks become greater blocks and our barricades become huge barricades. Denial of spirit causes us to become more and more fragmented."

In this intense energy shift make sure you are getting the proper nutritional help for your immune system and stem cells production. Eat a low glycemic diet, take proper nutritional supplements, drink lots of water, exercise, and breath to and from the pelvic area. These are all the basic teachings of Aletheia. If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

From all of us at Aletheia, we wish you and your loved ones peace, joy and health in the coming year.

God Bless! In Peace and Divine Love,

Lois A Scheller Schwarz


Have you found time today to smile,
your soul to play?
Have you for joy, sought and launched
one rich smile of gladsome thought
upon Life's swift away?

Have you and smile already met
for appreciation to beget?
Which styled into a song
could right some wrong,
and erase regret.

Then you are invited, nay,
commanded to smile and pray.
Smile, rise up and be free.
God's Love commissioned thee
to smile, laugh and play.
Jack Schwarz


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