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Lois's January 2009 NEW YEAR MESSAGE

Changes and more changes! 2009 with the outcome of our elections will mark the beginning of the 21st century. It is only four years away from December 21, 2012. This is our opportunity to really "think and feel outside the box." We can all begin to deepen our knowing of Oneness and Compassion as God sees the world. Thank you, thank you!

Changes are taking place politically, economically, socially, and religiously. More will be given to the spiritually dimensions of life. The healing function of contemplation and compassion will become important for the whole world. Remember the USA is the "heart" organ of the earth. This is all part of the massive earth shift to real truth(Aletheia) : divine, unconditional love.

As Jack stated that "Where your attention goes, energy flows." Now is our chance to end all wars, including wars that are physical, mental and spiritual that have to do within us and our society. Jack often questioned why we war within ourselves instead of harmonizing and healing within? This is also true with society. It brings up the need to come from your heart and your feelings rather than your gut and thinking. The Cosmic influences and the acceleration of energy are compelling all of us to make new decisions on a brighter vision of the future. This is a huge turning point where the spiritual natural nature of existence is truly revealed and we can make an astounding leap in consciousness.

In all of my ancient history studies when war is continued it ultimately brings the downfall of that society. It is also a form of human sacrifice and is very contractual. Gandhi and Martin Luther King were very much against war as was Jack. Please meditate and give extra attention to a future of peace and harmony on earth, remaining calm in your heart. You can make a difference! So go for it. Energize the probable future with passion and divine love.

As the cosmic energies affect the acceleration of energy by bombarding you with ever-increasing frequencies and patterns for higher states of consciousness, the need to slow down and make room for them will become apparent. The whole idea of health is to pay far more attention to your internal needs than to the rushing, roaring world around you to be less driven by outer circumstances than by inner ones. Autogenics, as a self-motivated, practical therapy, improves social and interpersonal relations and reduces stress, fatigue and anxiety. This wonderful technique by Jack uses the understanding of brainwaves and breathing for greater awareness of internal necessities. When Autogenics is practiced consistently, over time, it becomes integrated into the body's automatic response system and allows the practitioner to remain alert, calm and energized even under the moist stressful of situations.

The Book Reader stated that in an important sense, Autogenics may be the condensation of what we have learned about the consciousness in the twentieth century. Autogenics shifts your mental state from a passive stance-one that allows the outside world a lot of control-to a more inner, self-directed attitude that recognizes the validity of your own inner authority. By doing so, many people report they have increased feelings of self-esteem, worthiness and joy.

In this intense energy shift make sure you are getting the proper nutritional help for your immune system and stem cell production. Please look into the new science of glycobiology(glycoscience.org) for the importance of maintaining holistic health. Eat a low glycemic diet, take proper nutritional supplements, drink lots of water, exercise, meditate, and breathe to and from the pelvic area. These are all the basic teachings of Aletheia that I would be glad to share with you further.

My priorities are to protect, educate, advocate, research, and training for Aletheia. I cannot do this alone. I am filled with hope about all the possibilities for 2009. Your support makes the difference. The opportunity for growth is great, but the challenges and demands are greater than everI will need your help. Aletheia and Jack's dream will continue in this magical time. Please make a tax-deductible donation today and together we will make a difference!

God Bless!

In Divine Love, Health and Harmony,
Rev. Lois A Scheller Schwarz

"Life is for-giving and not for-getting"

Jack Schwarz


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