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September 4, 2008 MESSAGE from LOIS


Can you imagine? Aletheia Foundation is 50 years old! With your help, love and support Aletheia will live on with all the dreams being targeted as Jack foresaw. As you adjust to the new changes and the new reality leading to 2012, Aletheia, Jack Schwarz and I will be with you. Remember how Jack stressed the importance of our individual knowing systems above belief systems. Also the need for discernment over judgment. Please put knowing systems first and stop judging yourself and others. Divine love can and will prevail. On September 5th I celebrate 40 years directing Aletheia with my birthday on September 9th. Much to celebrate!

Working on Jack's biography, "The Man of Tomorrow", brings me awareness of all that has happened in Jack's life and Aletheia's. It is huge! Jack arrived in the US on March 13, 1957 with $35.00 in his pocket. Within a year of arriving he founded the Aletheia Association with two other people who later gave it to Jack. From 1959 to 1963 Jack was doing extensive research with Dr. Kurt Fantl. His personal healing practice and teaching grew throughout California. (I was in college at this time wanting to become a doctor and being talked-out of it as a woman!)

I joined Jack on September 5, 1968 in Palo Alto, California, one of the most turbulent years in US history. 1969 became another eventful year with a man on the moon, Woodstock, and the Internet was born, along with the Vietnam War.

In 1958 President Eisenhower asked his Defense Department, in response to the surprise Soviet launch of Sputnik in 1957, to have the US military set up the Advanced Research Projects Agency to help jump-start new efforts in science and technology. It would nurture the internet. (In 1993 the first widely used browser was launched by Mosaic.)

Jack always called our brain our computer. He was fascinated by the holographic possibilities along with virtual reality of the computer and the networking possibilities. Jack's first book came out in 1977. The plans for the Aletheia Holistic Liberal Arts University in the Gold Hill Area were made in the 70s. Six week courses were started at many colleges throughout North America. The research with Dr. Elmer Green and Dr. Joe Kamiya took place. The 70s were a period of growth for Aletheia and many dreams were actively worked on. With the 80s came the age of greed. Students were eager to study more intensely with Jack; so in 1984 we started the four year Aletheia Internship which continued until 2000. In 1985 The Aletheia HEART Center opened its doors in Ashland, Oregon. We went from a 1300 square foot office to a 12,000 square foot center overnight. After four years of struggle and disappointments, we cut the space down to 4000 square feet. In 1992 we moved Aletheia into the city of Ashland into a 100 year old colonial farm house. 1996 we made the decision to move to Mendocino, California with the center at the Stanford Inn. I moved the Aletheia Institute back to Oregon in 2003.

1994 was an eventful year. Many things happened. It was the year that Jack and I went to Costa Rica. Aletheia designed its first website. Earthlink was founded as an Internet service provider. IBM launched its model computer IBM P.C. in 1981; the year we went to China. World Wide Web was introduced in 1993. 1995 the Netscape Navigator was introduced. Instant messaging was started in 1985 with America Online. eBay, the Internet auction site was introduced in 1995, as well as the Craiglist featuring free classifieds. Everything was speeding up toward 2000 when Jack first felt the New Age would begin. Now, Aletheia continues into the Heart Age in 2012 with the help of our computers!

In the beginning back in the 70s there was a different attitude than today. Now everyone is concerned about making money, or reputation. It was different then. We all wanted to help one another. There was a total open flow of information. Since the 80s, money and taking care of myself have dominated, along with less freedom. Jack was very afraid that history might be repeating itself. As Jack would say, "Life is for-giving, and not for-getting. Live in Divine Love and
Meditate 24 hours a day! Radiate with high energy."

In this intense energy shift make sure you are getting the proper nutritional help for your immune system and stem cell production. Eat a low glycemic diet, take proper nutritional supplements, drink lots of water, exercise, meditate, and breathe to and from the pelvic area. These are all the basic teachings of Aletheia that I would be glad to share with you further.

As Aletheia grows into its 50th Year of Service in the Study of Divine Love, we want to thank you for your support, interest, and love in your desire to make this a better world. Together we can make a difference. Your donations to Aletheia are very important; please make a tax-deductible contribution today. Thank you and God Bless!

In Divine Love with Health, Happiness and Harmony,

Rev. Lois A. Scheller Schwarz


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