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Tools for Self Discovery
Special Tools

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Whispers of Wisdom Cards Set
Set of 25 small cards for daily wisdom from Jack Schwarz. Done in 1984.


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Human Energy Centers Cards
Each presenting a human energy center, symbolically discerned as a mandala. Set of 7


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Eye Charts
Eye Charts - To help to stimulate the eyes as described in Human Energy Systems
Set of 4


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List of Books
A list of books, containing information by or about Jack Schwarz is now available.
Donation for handling and postage...


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Integrating Stimulating Intensity Stroboscope
The I.S.I.S. was invented in 1968 by Jack Schwarz originally to stimulate the eyes to see the human energy fields. We now know it does much more.
The I.S.I.S. operates through its unique calibration in the different frequencies of :
Beta - low amplitude questioning thinking
Alpha - body regulating/pain controlling
Theta - working with the transpersonal, body regulated state
Delta - spontaneous decision making, body-mind harmony
The I.S.I.S. actually photo-drives and synchronizes both hemispheres of the brain in each frequency. Use of the instrument induces a pleasant state of relaxation, especially helpful to those who are distressed. The feature of pink sound, synchronized with the light input, using lightweight stereophonic earphones simultaneously with eye goggles, adds another dimension to your capacities to alter your states of consciousness and body-mind regulation.
(Battery operated) - We're working on a new version of I.S.I.S. for this year.

A few used lab. ISIS(1996) are now available...


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Magic on a Yellow Day
A musical story tape by Noranne Clayton on self-regulation for children.


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